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Selecta Shiraz Wine

Rich notes of juicy black fruit, tannins, spices, a hint of smoke, and liquorice characterize the 2018 Vintage Selecta Shiraz Wine, which is crafted from a single French varietal Shiraz from Krishna Valley. It is fermented, blended, and aged eight to ten months in American oak barrels.

The red wine is a pleasant and well-balanced option for drinking as it has a wonderful Shiraz varietal taste with a rich aroma of spices and smoke. Rich spices, bold flavours of plum, cherry, blackberry, black pepper, vanilla, cedar, and smokiness characterize Shiraz red wine.

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 Selecta Shiraz Wine

The taste gets enhanced further by oak barrel ageing. Shiraz is a favoured grape among red wine fans because of its flexibility to various terroirs, which has led to the production of the best red wines with distinctive expressions worldwide. The Selecta Shiraz red wine from Rico Wines is a favourite of wine lovers. Served at 18 – 20°C and often paired with Barbeque Chicken, Grilled Paneer, Mutton Biryani, aged Gouda Cheese, etc.