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Selecta Shiraz Wine

Rich notes of juicy black fruit, tannins, spices, a hint of smoke, and liquorice characterize the 2018 Vintage Selecta Shiraz Wine, which is crafted from a single French varietal Shiraz from Krishna Valley. It is fermented, blended, and aged eight to ten months in American oak barrels.

The red wine is a pleasant and well-balanced option for drinking as it has a wonderful Shiraz varietal taste with a rich aroma of spices and smoke. Rich spices, bold flavours of plum, cherry, blackberry, black pepper, vanilla, cedar, and smokiness characterize Shiraz red wine.

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 Selecta Shiraz Wine

The taste gets enhanced further by oak barrel ageing. Shiraz is a favoured grape among red wine fans because of its flexibility to various terroirs, which has led to the production of the best red wines with distinctive expressions worldwide. The Selecta Shiraz red wine from Rico Wines is a favourite of wine lovers. Served at 18 – 20°C and often paired with Barbeque Chicken, Grilled Paneer, Mutton Biryani, aged Gouda Cheese, etc.


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Selecta Shiraz Wine

Selecta Shiraz, a classy red wine, captures the rich history and fine craftsmanship of Rico Wine Park and Vineyards. Renowned as one of the best red wines in Bangalore, Selecta Shiraz stands out for its exceptional quality and premium taste, making it a favourite among wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

Situated amidst the gorgeous landscapes of Karnataka, Rico Wines is renowned for crafting premium wines, such as Selecta Shiraz, that demonstrate their extraordinary winemaking abilities. The premium wine is crafted from carefully selected Shiraz grapes, known for their robust flavour and aromatic complexity. Every bottle of Selecta Shiraz, which is meticulously produced to achieve the highest levels of quality, demonstrates the vineyard’s dedication to excellence. Selecta Shiraz is a rich, full-bodied wine with a deep ruby-red hue characterized by a harmonious blend of dark fruit flavours like blackberry, plum, cherry, and spice. Its exquisite balance of flavours makes Selecta Shiraza a versatile red wine, perfect for pairing with various dishes, from hearty meats to rich savoury cheeses.

Selecta Shiraz Wine

Selecta Shiraz, a premium choice among red wines in Bangalore’s burgeoning wine culture, has established itself as a leading brand. Selecta Shiraz from Rico Wines is well-known for its superb flavour, silky texture, and love of winemaking. It provides an opulent and affordable experience for elegant get-togethers or peaceful nights spent at home. Selecta Shiraz is an excellent option for people looking for a red wine that blends tradition, quality, and a hint of grace. Every sip is a tribute to the craft of good winemaking as it is a premium wine from one of Bangalore’s most renowned vineyards.


Selecta Shiraz, crafted from carefully selected Shiraz grapes, is renowned for its rich full-bodied character and deep ruby-red hue, offering a harmonious blend of dark fruit flavors and subtle spice notes.
The red wine Selecta Shiraz should be stored in a cool, dark place with consistent temperature between 12-18°C, keeping the bottle on its side to maintain cork moisture and age gracefully.
Rich cheeses, robust tastes, and hearty meats like venison, lamb, and beef go well with Selecta Shiraz wine to produce a more satisfying dining experience overall.
Selecta Shiraz is available at premium wine shops and retailers in Bangalore. It is also available at Rico Wine Park and Vineyards.
The red wine Selecta Shiraz should be served between 16-18°C (60-65°F) to fully appreciate its flavours and aromas to ensure an optimal tasting experience.
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