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Best Wine Dining in Bangalore

Wine Dining

When exquisite wines and culinary skills are combined, the dining experience is elevated to previously unheard-of levels, making wine dining an extraordinary culinary adventure. At Rico Wines, delight your taste buds with a sumptuous food pairing experience. Our talented chefs have curated a menu that complements the unique flavours of each wine, adding an extra dimension to your tasting journey.

Experience the meticulousness of the winery's core processes

Best Wine Dining: Rico Wine Park & Vineyard

With expertly prepared food, every sip of wine transforms into a melodic dance that enhances flavours and produces a sensory symphony.

The dining experience gets elegant, with a wine list that offers a carefully chosen assortment to go with a variety of dishes. From vibrant red wines to crisp white wines, every variety finds the perfect match, enhancing the palate with subtle flavours.

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The beauty of an extraordinary wine lies not only in its ability to be appreciated as a wine in its own right, but also in its ability to elevate and enhance the flavor and texture of the food that is paired with it. When paired with food, wine and food create a beautiful and intricate dance of flavors and aromas that captivate the senses and turn every bite and every sip into an extraordinary sensory experience. Rico Wines is at the heart of this symphony. As one of the best vineyards in Bangalore, we pair our exceptional artisan boutique wines perfectly with a wide variety of culinary creations.

The art of food and wine pairing

In order to successfully pair food with wine, you must have a deep understanding of the particular characteristics of your wine and your food. A good wine-food pairing is all about finding the perfect balance between flavours, texture, and mouth feel. Similar flavours and textures will often pair well together, while contrasting elements can make for an exciting combination that excites the taste buds.

Rico Wines offers a wide range of wines to choose from. From white wines that are fruit-driven and have a velvety finish, to Shiraz that has a velvety finish. Each wine has its unique story, flavor profile, and characteristics, making it an ideal pairing for your carefully selected dishes.
Wine-food pairing isn’t just about enjoying delicious food; it’s about discovering new ways to pair your favourite dishes with your favorite wines. With options for both formal and informal occasions, exclusive combo menus and unlimited wine deals guarantee ideal matches for meals, special dates, or informal get-togethers.


Shiraz is the perfect wine to pair with a plate of delicious grilled mutton or a tasty grilled veggie meal.

Rico Red is the perfect choice for a holiday dinner, pairing a glass with a traditional roast turkey or baked ham. The balance of the fruit and oak in Rico Red will add an extra touch of elegance to your holiday dinner.

With a newfound appreciation for food and wine pairing and an exceptional selection at Rico Wines’ boutique, it’s time to broaden your horizons, open your mind, and delight your taste buds. Celebrate a world of flavors!

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