Welcome Drink

Our wine tour commences with a delightful gesture of hospitality, welcoming our esteemed guests with a carefully curated welcome drink.

As they step into the serene ambiance of our vineyard, the air is filled with anticipation and excitement. With each sip of the refreshing beverage, crafted to tantalize the taste buds, we set the tone for an unforgettable journey through the world of wine.

Amidst the lush vine rows and picturesque vistas, we invite our guests to immerse themselves in the art and passion of winemaking. It’s a toast to new beginnings, forging unforgettable memories, and celebrating the joy of discovery.


Best Vineyard tour in Bangalore

Welcome to Rico Wine Park & Vineyards, nestled in the quaint countryside vineyards in Bangalore, a paradise for wine enthusiasts and nature lovers. Visits to these enticing vineyards guarantee a day full of luxury, exploration, and experiences about wines and wine-making.

The journey at Rico Wines begins with an intriguing vineyard tour that takes visitors through lush rows of grapevines. They can explore the vineyards with our expert guides while learning about the subtleties of viticulture, such as pruning techniques and the art of grape harvesting or picking.

The clean air is filled with the wonderful scent of ripening grapes as guests enjoy the fantastic view and the majesty of the vineyards as the sun sets over the vast countryside in a golden glow.

Winery Tour

The next on our vineyard tour is a walk-through of the wine making process in the winery, where the secret of wine-making unfurls.

Explore the entire process that begins with harvesting ripe grapes from the vineyard which are then crushed followed by destemming, pressing, fermentation, aging, developing flavour, clarification, bottling, labeling and packaging.

Wine Tasting

Following the winery tour, guests are invited for a delightful wine tasting. Connoisseurs and novices alike are treated to an exquisite selection of wines that range from the deep, powerful flavours of red wine to the refreshing notes of white wine.

Wine And Dine

With a scenic backdrop, the on-site restaurant provides a tranquil dining experience with regional delicacies and Rico’s well-known wines.

The restaurant offers a unique dining experience featuring Multicuisine menu, handmade cheeses, and charcuterie, all crafted to complement the diverse flavours of our wines.

Grape stomping

At Rico Wines, grape stomping provides an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind opportunity for participants to fully immerse themselves in the ancient craft of wine-making.

Against the stunning backdrop of vineyards, visitors may embrace their inner vintner as they crush grapes underfoot, making priceless memories.

As the wine tour concludes, visitors undoubtedly depart with cherished memories of this distinctive and unforgettable experience.