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Rico White Wine

Rico White Wines are homage to the verdant Krishna Valley vineyards, where crisp white grapes are skilfully grown to produce a wine with mouth filling flavour and a heady scent. This exquisite white wine is a symphony of flavour, encapsulating the terroir and demonstrating the commitment of winemakers to crafting an unforgettable experience for connoisseurs.

Being one of the best vineyards in Bangalore, we ensure that we serve nothing but the best.  The freshness from the carefully chosen grapes is harmoniously blended with the wine’s rich taste profile to provide a pleasurable and well-rounded drinking experience. Wine enthusiasts who value complexity and nuance seek out Rico White Wines because of its alluring aroma, which intensifies the sensory experience.

A notable characteristic of Rico White Wines is their aesthetically pleasing light pale yellow hue, which entices connoisseurs to savour the wine’s elegance before taking a drink.  

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Rico White Wine

This white wine is best appreciated when served between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius, as this is when its entire taste profile is presented.

Rico White Wines are incredibly versatile when it comes to food pairings; they go well with a wide range of cuisines. This white wine pairs beautifully with a wide variety of culinary experiences, enhancing everything from the freshness of seafood to the robust flavours of fatty and spicy foods and the creamy texture of cheddar cheese. Rico White Wines embodies the essence of the Krishna Valley in each bottle, offering a voyage of refinement and decadence.  Experience the taste of Rico White Wine with a multicuisine culinary delight by taking a vineyard tour where you can also have a grape stomping experience.