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One of the best white wine brands, Rico Strong White Port Wine is created specifically for the discriminating palates of Indian wine lovers. It is a unique blend of French varietal white grapes. Precisely blended, this wine blend has a distinct and refreshing taste, showcasing the passion and skill of winemakers in selecting a youthful and lively combination.

Rico Strong White Wine’s distinct character is defined by the well-balanced acidity that give rise to a harmonic interplay of flavours. This blend, which is aimed towards Indian wine enthusiasts, makes a pleasant and well-balanced wine, which makes it a unique option for people who value the subtleties of a well-made white wine.

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Rico Strong White Port Wine

Rico Strong White Port Wine is best loved between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the wine’s entire taste profile becomes apparent. The wine pairs well with a variety of foods, which adds to its capacity to suit a wide range of palates. This best white wine complements many white meat meals perfectly, enhancing the culinary experience with barbecue chicken, aromatic richness in mutton biryani, and creamy texture in aged gouda cheese.

More than just a drink, Rico Strong White Port Wine is an epitome of sophistication, providing Indian wine lovers looking for a blend that captures the vitality of life’s moments in every sip with a distinctive and energising choice.

Strong White Port Wine

Often overlooked in the larger category of white wines, white port wine is a distinctive and adaptive wine. White Port wine is crafted from white grape varieties and differs from the popular red Port, as it offers a unique taste experience which wine enthusiasts should explore.

Made from a combination of native Portuguese white grapes such Malvasia Fina, Rabigato, and Viosinho, white port wine is a fortified wine from Portugal’s Douro Valley. The region is also known for red port wine. The grape types contribute to the wine’s complex flavour profile, which can range from dry to very sweet, depending on the aging process and style of production. White Port wine is a delicious aperitif or dessert wine that has the remarkable capacity to develop complex flavours over time, including notes of almonds, honey, and dried fruits.


Rico Strong White Port Wine

Wine lovers can savour some of the best wines at Rico Wine Park and Vineyards. A popular destination for vineyard tours in Bangalore we offer a wide range of wines, including the best white wine in Bangalore.  Among our offerings, the White Port wine stands out as a particularly distinguished choice. With a distinctive blend of French varietal white grapes, Rico’s Strong White Port Wine is a premium white wine brand created for Indian wine connoisseurs. It highlights the dedication and expertise of winemakers in choosing vibrant and young combinations. White Port wine, a fortified wine with a rich history and meticulous production methods is an elegant and robust addition to any wine enthusiast’s collection.

Strong White Port wine can be enjoyed chilled as an aperitif, paired with light appetizers like olives and nuts, or as a dessert wine with cheese platters or sweet pastries. Its versatility also extends to cocktails, where it can be used to create refreshing drinks like the classic Porto Tónico, a mix of White Port and tonic water garnished with a slice of lime.

Rico Wines offers a vineyard tour in Bangalore, showcasing the rich, multifaceted flavours of strong White Port wine and attracting wine enthusiasts. Whether enjoyed on its own or as part of a sophisticated cocktail, White Port wine is a delightful choice for any occasion.



Strong White Port wine is a type of fortified wine made from white grape varieties and fortified by adding a distilled grape spirit (Aguardiente) to halt fermentation. It results in higher alcohol content and retains natural sweetness. The flavours range from dry to sweet, with aging enhancing its complexity.

White Port wine can be served chilled at 10-12°C (50-54°F). It pairs well with light appetizers, desserts, cheese platters, and a versatile ingredient in cocktails like Porto Tónico with lime.

White Port wine, with its nutty and honeyed flavours, pairs well with light appetizers, seafood dishes, and mild cheeses. The sweeter varieties are perfect for desserts like fruit tarts, almond cakes, or blue cheeses. 

Strong white port wine is unique and stands out due to the fortification process, which includes the addition of distilled spirit to raise the alcohol content and preserve natural sugars. Adding to the complexity, honey, dried fruit, and nutty aromas emerge as the wine ages.

White Port wine can be stored for up to two weeks in the refrigerator with a tightly sealed stopper, as its higher alcohol content acts as a preservative. Consuming within a week ensures optimal flavour.

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