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Known for its powerful and full-bodied red wines that have won admiration from all around the world, Shiraz wine is named after the Iranian city of Shiraz. It is noteworthy to mention that the same grape variety is referred to as Syrah in Australia and some other regions. Warm conditions are ideal for the Shiraz grape variety, which yields the best red wines with bold flavours and deep, dark colours.

 Harvested from Rico vineyards, the Shiraz varietal is planted at higher elevations with more sun exposure and cooler nights to maintain the fruit’s crispness and brightness. The red wine boasts a rich aroma of spices and smoke, with a delicious Shiraz varietal taste, making it an enjoyable and balanced choice for drinking. The Shiraz red wine from Rico Wines is best served at 16 – 18° C along with Mutton Biryani, Barbeque Chicken, Red meat, Grilled Vegetable, etc.

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Rico Shiraz Wine

Rico Shiraz wines have a rich flavour profile with hints of plum, cherry, and blackberry. Additionally, it has subtle notes of spices and black pepper, which adds to its unique and assertive flavour. The wine’s complexity is further enhanced by the oak barrel ageing process, which adds aromas of vanilla, cedar, and occasionally a faint smokiness. Shiraz red wine showcases the grape’s adaptability and winemaker’s skill, providing a captivating and robust tasting experience reflecting the unique characteristics of its grown terroir.