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Bliss Chenin Blanc Wine

Produced by the microclimate of Krishna Valley, this blissfully sweet Chenin Blanc is a wonderful white wine with citrus flavours from ripe green fruits, stone fruits, and tropical fruits, along with a hint of honey at the end of the palate.

Bliss Chenin Blanc wine from Rico is a delightful expression of the Chenin Blanc grape, celebrated for its vibrant fruit flavours, crisp acidity, and versatility. The sweet white wine is renowned for its lively and refreshing character. The white wine entices the palate with its inviting scent of green apple, citrus and tropical fruit aromas.

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Bliss Chenin Blanc Wine

When tasted, Bliss Chenin Blanc often has a zesty acidity that is nicely countered by the fruitiness of characteristics like pineapple, green pear, and subtle honey flavours. Making it an ideal partner for warm weather due to its crisp finish, the Chenin Blanc white wine goes well with fish dishes, potato chips, pastries, and salads. The sweet white wine is best served at 10 – 12°C.