Rico Winery Pvt. Ltd.

No refund

Our commitment to delivering an exceptional wine tour experience requires meticulous planning and coordination with various service providers. Once a wine tour is booked and payment is received, we operate under a stringent no refund policy. This decision is rooted in the intricate nature of our business, where preparations commence well in advance to guarantee a seamless and enjoyable experience for our customers.

Securing reservations with our vineyards demands considerable commitments on our part to ensure the highest quality tour, from exclusive wine tastings to knowledgeable guides.

The no refund policy extends to cover cancellations or no-shows, as these instances disrupt the carefully orchestrated plans we have in place. The financial obligations incurred to reserve spots and curate an enriching itinerary mean that we cannot offer reimbursements for missed tours or cancellations.

While we empathize with unexpected circumstances that may arise, such as emergencies, our firm policy aims to maintain the integrity of our operations and the high standards we set for our wine tours. We encourage our customers to thoroughly consider their schedules and commitments before finalizing their bookings, allowing us to continue providing exceptional wine experiences for all enthusiasts who choose to embark on a journey with us.

No Return

Wine tours are intricately woven experiences that rely on precise timing and coordination. Due to the time-sensitive nature of these tours and the intricate scheduling involved, we regret to inform our valued customers that we do not accept returns for booked tours. Once a booking is confirmed, it is considered final, and no returns will be processed. This policy is implemented to uphold the seamless execution of our meticulously planned itineraries, ensuring that each participant enjoys the full array of experiences we have curated. The commitment to provide a seamless vineyard tour necessitates a clear-cut approach to reservations. We appreciate the understanding of our customers in recognizing the importance of this policy, as it allows us to maintain the excellence and punctuality associated with our wine tours.

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