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Rico White Sparkling Wine

In the world of sparkling wines, Rico’s strong white sparkling wine exudes vibrancy and vitality. Sparkling white wines are pleasant with scents of green apple, citrus, and honey. They are prepared from the Chenin Blanc variety of grapes and yield a pale yellow hue. Sparkling white wines add a touch of sophistication to any occasion, enticing palates with their lively bubbles and vibrant flavours due to significant levels of CO2, thus making it more refreshing and fizzy, perfect party drink.

These sparkling white wines delight with their varied flavour profiles and originate from different places. You can anticipate aromas of citrus, green apple, and occasionally tropical fruits, along with a lingering mousse that fills the palate and makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

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Rico Strong Sparkling White Wine

Rico White Sparkling Wine

These best white wines have a low residual sugar content to highlight the dryness of the wine. Strong white sparkling wines are invigorating and powerful alternatives to standard sparkling alternative wines and are perfect for celebrations or as an aperitif. Best served at 04 – 08°C and paired with veg and non-veg dishes, white fish, and South Asian cuisines.