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Rico Wine Park & Vineyard's Exclusive Membership Plans

Rico Wines offers an array of membership plans tailored to wine enthusiasts’ preferences and lifestyles. These plans cater to various tastes, from seasoned connoisseurs to novices eager to explore the world of wine. With options of Platinum, Gold & Silver memberships, you gain access to exclusive benefits such as selections of fine wines, discounts on purchases, invitations to special events like making of wine during harvest season, complimentary vineyard tours, and more. Whether you’re seeking to expand your palate, enhance your wine knowledge, or simply indulge in premium selections, Rico Wines’ membership plans provide a convenient and enriching experience. Embrace the pleasure of discovering new vintages and savoring the finest flavors from around the globe with the convenience and expertise of Rico Wines’ membership offerings. Details on membership options attached herewith.

Platinum Membership


Membership fees Rs 10,000 plus Taxes

Gold Membership


Membership fees Rs 7,500 plus Taxes


Silver Membership


Membership fees Rs 5,000 plus Taxes

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