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Wine is often associated with elegance and sophistication. Wine-drinking etiquette, which includes not just how wine is taken in but also appreciating its flavours and the social interactions that surround it, is an essential component of enjoying wine. Whether you’re enjoying a glass of red wine at a dinner party or going on a wine tour at some of the vineyards in Bangalore, like Rico Wine Park and Vineyards, adopting the right manners makes everything more enjoyable for you and everyone surrounding you.

If you just abide by these basic guidelines, you won’t have to worry about sipping wine incorrectly.

Firstly, it’s traditional to hold a glass of wine by its stem rather than its bowl when it’s offered to you. By doing so, you keep the wine at its ideal temperature by preventing your hand’s heat from warming it. Gently swirl the wine in the glass before tasting it to aerate and release its aromas to enhance the tasting experience.

Using all of your senses is crucial while wine tasting. Take a moment to observe the wine’s colour and note its intensity and purity. Next, raise the glass to your nose and take a long sniff, noticing the many aromas present in it. Lastly, take a little sip and observe the flavours and texture as they linger on your palate. Savour each sip of the wine and take your time to truly enjoy its complexity rather than downing it hurriedly. You can have the best experience of wine tasting and wine tours in Bangalore, at Rico Wine Park and Vineyards.

It’s customary to avoid wearing strong fragrances during a wine tasting or wine tour because they can overpower the wine’s aromas. It’s also courteous to pay close attention to the host or sommelier as they describe the wines being tasted. Feel free to ask questions if you have any, but don’t try to dominate the conversation. It is considered good etiquette to wait until everyone has been served before taking the first sip of wine at a social gathering. When pouring wine, be mindful not to overfill glasses and serve others before serving yourself.

Further, when gifting a bottle of wine, select a premium wine that you believe the host or hostess will like. Present the bottle with the label facing the receiver, and do not assume it to be opened right away unless the host indicates that it should.

Respecting the wine, the people you’re sharing it with, and the occasion itself is the ultimate goal of proper wine-drinking etiquette. Follow these guidelines at wine tastings, dinner parties, or vineyard tours to enhance wine enjoyment and show courtesy and appreciation for the experience. Visit Rico Wine Park and Vineyards for an amazing vineyard tour, wine tasting, grape stomping and wine & dine experience.

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