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Shiraz and Syrah


When it comes to red wine, enthusiasts are presented with a wide array of options. Among these, Syrah and Shiraz stand out as popular choices. Though they refer to the same grape, the differences in flavour between them are significant. The taste of these two wines showcases distinctive characteristics that reflect their terroir, winemaking techniques, and even cultural influences. Join us on a journey through the vineyards of  Rico wines as we unravel the captivating tale of Syrah and Shiraz

Home of Syrah

Syrah reigns supreme in the vineyards of the northern Rhône, where it exemplifies exceptional quality and robust characteristics. Picture yourself wandering through the sun-drenched vineyards of France, where Syrah grapes thrive in the warm Mediterranean climate. This grape variety exudes elegance and sophistication. A glass of Syrah wine reveals a symphony of aromas, with dark fruits like blackberries and plums harmonising gracefully with hints of pepper and spices. Each sip offers a velvety texture, balanced acidity, and refined tannins. Syrah embodies pure grace and refinement.


Now let’s head over to Australia, where the excitement begins. In the land down under, Syrah transforms into Shiraz, and it certainly becomes lively! Shiraz is the life of the party, bold, spicy, and bursting with flavours. Imagine yourself sipping on Shiraz and experiencing a burst of juicy berries, a touch of chocolate, and even a hint of mint. It’s a thrilling ride for your taste buds, filled with excitement and adventure. Shiraz is all about standing out and leaving a lasting impression, long after the party is over.

Exploring the territory

One cannot discuss Syrah and Shiraz without acknowledging the influence of the terroir, which includes the soil, climate, and geography that shape a wine’s character. From the limestone-rich soils of France to the sun-baked vineyards of Australia, each region imparts its unique signature on the final wine. This dynamic interplay between nature and the artistry of the winemaker results in something truly extraordinary.

The winemakers touch

At Rico Wines, the winemakers recognize that the magic lies not just in the grape, but in the meticulous craftsmanship behind each bottle. Be it Shiraz or any other grape variety, every wine undergoes a journey of care and dedication from vineyard to bottle. Through innovative techniques and a deep respect for tradition, Rico Wines showcases the diversity of Shiraz, with each bottle telling a unique story of its origin. From the cool climate expression of Syrah to the sun-drenched intensity of Shiraz, there is a wine suited for every taste and occasion.

Which one’s for you

Now, here’s the big question: Syrah or Shiraz? It depends on your mood and taste buds. For a classy, sophisticated choice, go for Syrah. If you want a lively, bold experience, Shiraz is the choice. The beauty of wine lies in exploring and discovering new flavours. So, grab a bottle of Shiraz from Rico Wines, gather your friends, and let the tasting adventure begin.


Whether it’s Syrah or Shiraz, one thing is certain—wine is all about fun, flavour, and good times. Here’s to Syrah and Shiraz, two sides of the same delicious coin. Cheers! Rico Wine Park and Vineyards offer the best of Shiraz wines.

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