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Exploring the Terroir: A Guide to Our Vineyards


Take a sensory tour through lush green vineyards in Bangalore, where each sip reveals more about our dedication to quality, heritage, and the distinctive terroir of the area. Whether you’re planning a wedding in one of our stunning resorts, on a wine tour, or celebrating a birthday, Rico Wine Park and Vineyards—which are located not too far from the city offers a riveting experience for wine connoisseurs.

Vineyards in Bangalore

Our vineyards in Bangalore are a proof of the vibrant wine culture in the area. Our grapes possess a distinctive characteristic because of the climate and fertile soil, which together produce wines that encapsulate the terroir. Driven by our love of winemaking, we have made our vineyards into a sanctuary for people looking for a genuine, immersive wine experience.

Wine Tour in Bangalore

Taking a wine tour in Bangalore is a fun adventure for wine enthusiasts. Take in the fresh air, stroll among the perfectly spaced rows of grapevines, and become fully immersed in the craft of winemaking. From vine to bottle, our guided tours provide an intimate glimpse into the painstaking process, showcasing the artistry that goes into each pour.

Events at our Vineyards

Whether it is a birthday celebration or friends meeting up and even corporate events, the picturesque beauty of our vineyards adds charm to the event. Whether you’re a wine aficionado or someone looking for a unique and memorable experience, our vineyard is tailored to create lasting memories. Indulge in a private wine tasting session, relish delectable cuisine, and toast to another year surrounded by the enchanting atmosphere of our Bangalore vineyards.

Wedding Resorts Dine and Wine

Imagine a wedding where the enchantment of the vineyards permeates every aspect, from the ceremony to the celebration. For couples looking to create an unforgettable party, our vineyard is one of the perfect wedding resorts in Bangalore providing an enthralling setting. Settle into a wine and dine experience that satisfies the senses after exchanging vows amid the picturesque scenery of the vineyards.

The Terroir Experience

The special blend of soil, climate, and geography gives our wines their specific qualities. Stroll through the vineyards, enjoy the panoramic view, taste various wines to include red wine, white wine, port wine, Shiraz, and more paired with multi cuisine delicacies by booking a vineyard tour in Bangalore.


Discover the art of winemaking in as you explore the terroir of our Rico Wine Park and Vineyards in Bangalore. Whether you want to organize a wedding or want to experience a wine tour, or celebrate a birthday, we will take you on a sensory trip via the passion and artistry that characterize our vineyards. Come celebrate with us as we raise a glass to Bangalore’s vineyards, where the vibrancy of the party matches the wines we produce.


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