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WELCOME TO RICO WINE PARK AND VINEYARD, ONE OF THE BEST WINE-PRODUCING CENTER IN THE COUNTRY. Each of our wine brands has a unique story to tell, and today we’re going to tell more about it.

Sauvignon Blanc Wine is one of the finest and most refined examples of white wine. It is the result of the blending of French and Indian winemaking techniques and is considered by many to be the best white wine of its kind.

This white wine is the perfect combination of French elegance and the terroir of India.

Origin & spread

The Sauvignon Blanc grape variety is one of the very few grape varieties that is used for making wine all over the world (most varieties are only found in a handful of countries). But where did this grape come from, who were its original parents, and how did it end up locally? Let us trace back.

The name Sauvignon comes from the two French words sauvage (wild) and vignon (vine). The name is derived from the fact that the leaves of the sauvignon blanc are very vigorous (wild) and the shape of the leaves is similar to that of a wild grapevine.

The origin of this grape variety can be traced back to the Loire Valley, where the synonym “fiers” was mentioned in the 1500s.

This white grape variety dates back to the 18th century, when it was first introduced to the French wine-growing regions of Bordeaux and Loire Valley, where it was used to create aromatic white wines.

This wine-making variety crossed with Cabernet Franc to form Cabernet Sauvignon around the middle of the 19th century. It then spread to other wine-growing regions around the world, including Chile, South Africa and New Zealand, as well as California and India.

With high acidity and aromas of citrus and herbs, the grapes can produce a wide range of flavours, from green apple and passion fruit to lime and sometimes bell pepper. All of these characteristics add to the wine’s appeal to wine lovers looking for a crisp, bright white wine.

The Marlborough area of New Zealand has long been synonymous with the production of high-quality, high-character, high-purity wines. New Zealand’s popularity has helped to boost the reputation of this varietal around the world.

From Rico vineyards

Rico Wine Park & Vineyards is nestled in the lush greenery of the vineyards. They are the top producers of the best white wines in Bangalore.

Rico Wines is known for its light-bodied and delicately balanced white wine. The aroma of the wine is rich and floral, with notes of peaches and honeysuckles. The wine is best served at 10-12 degrees Celsius.

Sauvignon blanc is a versatile white wine that can be used in a variety of cuisines. It has a long and colourful history, having originated in France and has travelled to many countries around the world.

Experience the best variety of white wines & red wines from the top vineyards of Bangalore-Rico Wine Park & Vineyards.   

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