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Rico Pineapple Wine

Rico Wines presents the Pineapple Wine, a delightful tropical concoction designed to entice your palate with bursts of sun-kissed flavour. The wine is made out of the best King pineapples, grown in Sahyadri Hills. This magnificent wine has a slight tanginess that balances its refreshing sweetness, making it an incredibly alluring palate sensation. Usually, these pale yellow wines are sweet, fragrant, easy to sip, and fruity with prominent pineapple flavours. The fragrance of luscious pineapples dances on your palate, with every sip transporting you to a tropical paradise with a wonderful aftertaste.

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Rico Pineapple Wine

The Pineapple Wine, whether savoured on its own or combined with your favourite foods, will add a distinctive and memorable flavour to any occasion. A Pineapple wine is often paired and enjoyed with red and white meats, shrimp, Salmon, Mussels, Desserts, and fatty & spicy Indian dishes. It’s best served at 10 – 12 degrees Celsius to experience the essence of the tropics in every glass.