Cabernet Sauvignon Wine and its History

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine

In the vast tapestry of the wine world, few varieties command as much respect and admiration as Cabernet Sauvignon. This noble grape, celebrated for its deep hues, complex flavours, and age-worthy character, has a history as robust and nuanced as the wines it produces. Join us at Rico Wines as we uncork the story of […]

Make Every Event a Timeless Celebration

Event a Timeless Celebration

In the fast-paced world we live in, where time seems to slip through our fingers, the significance of every moment often goes unnoticed. However, in our pursuit of success and achievement, it is essential to remember the importance of celebrations. Whether it’s a personal milestone like, birthday celebration a cultural festival, or a corporate gathering, every event […]

A complete guide to sparkling wine

sparkling wine

India’s winemaking landscape has evolved significantly in recent years, with a growing reputation for producing sparkling wines that rival those from traditional wine regions. The country’s diverse terroir, coupled with the expertise of passionate winemakers, has led to the emergence of high-quality sparkling wines. In this guide, we explore the nuances of Indian sparkling wine, […]

Wine and Cheese – A Perfect Combination

Wine and Cheese

There’s something magical about the pairing of wine and cheese. The combination of these two culinary delights creates a symphony of flavours that transcends the individual elements, elevating the dining experience to new heights. Whether enjoyed as a casual snack, an appetizer, or the centrepiece of a sophisticated soirée, the marriage of wine and cheese […]

Wine & Romance – Vintage Love

Wine & Romance

In the grand tapestry of human emotion, few things weave together as seamlessly as wine and romance. The clinking of glasses, the rich aroma of a well-aged red, and the intimate glow of candlelight – these are the elements that turn an ordinary evening into a symphony of shared moments. Join us at Rico Wines […]

A Toast to Good Health – Benefits of Wine

Benefits of Wine

Raise your glasses, because it’s time to celebrate the elixir that has been savoured for centuries across cultures – wine. Beyond its role as a social lubricant and a delightful accompaniment to meals, wine has been the subject of numerous studies revealing its potential health benefits. So, let’s uncork the bottle and explore the surprising […]

A complete guide to red wine

red wine

Although we don’t know where the wine comes from, we do know that wine has always been part of important cultures around the world. According to wine club reviews and ratings, people love red wine more than any other alcoholic beverage. The truth is, red wine is perfect for every occasion. People like to drink […]

 Savour the flavours – Food pairings with wine

Food pairings with wine

  Wine and food have been inseparable companions throughout human history, each enhancing the other’s flavours and creating a harmonious symphony for the senses. The art of pairing food with wine is a delightful journey that elevates the dining experience to new heights. Rico Wines urges you to delve into the nuances of this culinary […]

The Art of Wine Tasting A Guide for Beginners on Vineyard Tours

The Art of Wine Tasting

A vineyard tour is an immersive experience that introduces aficionados to the complex and varied world of wine. Nestled among scenic vineyards in Bangalore, Rico Wine Park and Vineyards welcomes both novices and seasoned wine aficionados with an enthralling voyage into the art of wine tasting.  The sprawling vineyards near Bangalore serve as the backdrop for an enchanting exploration of the winemaking process. […]