Rico Winery Pvt. Ltd.
Vision and mission


Rico Wine Park and Vineyards seeks to be a shining example of biodynamic farming and winemaking, where the two disciplines come together to forge a strong bond between the vineyards and their inhabitants.  The vision of Rico Wine Park is to cultivate a holistic relationship that spans from the soil to the soul, embodying the philosophy that true quality wine comes from a profound respect for nature. We take into account not only the calibre of the wine produced but also the health of the consumers and the environment in which it is produced. We are committed to biodynamic practices in order to create a deep awareness of the interdependence of all living things and to position our wines as a symbol of sustainability, well-being, and health in the future


Rico Wine Park and Vineyards aims to create biodynamic wines that promote human health and ecological well-being, connecting soil to soul, vine to wine, and ensuring every step of the winemaking process is meaningful. The vineyards produce wines that are not only organic but also full of life and taste as we follow biodynamic farming procedures, which guarantee that our production techniques are in harmony with nature. Our mission is to improve the well-being of wine consumers and farmers by offering enjoyable and health-promoting products. We make          that are rich in naturally occurring antioxidants and devoid of dangerous chemicals, upholding the idea that wine can be enjoyed in moderation and be a beneficial component of a balanced diet. 

Promoting environmentally and financially sound sustainable farming practices is part of the mission of farmers. We help farmers preserve soil health, increase biodiversity, and lessen their reliance on synthetic inputs by promoting biodynamic farming to ensure sustainable living for future generations. Ultimately, Rico Wine Park and Vineyards serve health and happiness through every glass of wine. Every bottle we make is evidence of our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and the love of wine. With this missionRico Wine Park hopes to raise awareness of biodynamic wines and the important relationship they represent between the environment, the wine, and the palate.

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