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Unique Experiences: Grape Stomping at Our Winery


People continue to enjoy the centuries-old custom of grape stomping around the world. You learn a lot about the winemaking process while having a fantastic time celebrating the harvest season. Grape stomping is an enjoyable way to connect with one’s inner child, learn about winemaking and enjoy delicious wine.

Nestled in picturesque landscapes, Rico Vine Park and Vineyards in Bangalore offer a unique and immersive experience for wine lovers, showcasing the age-old tradition of grape stomping. Guests will cherish this unique chance to see the winemaking process up front, even after enjoying their last sip of wine.

Vineyard tour

The vast vineyards of Rico Wines are adorned with rows of vine-laden grapevines and greenery, offering visitors an unforgettable experience. The vineyards in Bangalore are not only breathtaking to behold, but also a testament to the commitment of the winemakers, who meticulously grow the grapes that will one day produce the premium wines the area is renowned for.

The journey begins with a comprehensive vineyard tour in Bangalore, providing guests with insights into the intricate art of winemaking. Visitors are guided by experts around the expansive vineyards, where they discuss the subtleties of grape production, the effects of climate on wine flavours, and the painstaking harvesting process. The guided winery tour defines the context and enables visitors to recognize the artistry that goes into each bottle made at Rico Wines.

Grape stomping

After the informative tour, visitors are welcome to experience the classic grape stomping activity. Participants embark on a journey back in time, channelling the age-old method of crushing grapes with their bare feet. Grapes’ squishing beneath feet is a therapeutic experience and a tribute to winemaking traditions that have endured for centuries.

Winery & wine tasting

Post-stomping, the adventure continues with a visit to Rico Vine Park’s state-of-the-art winery to see how the fermentation and ageing procedures turn grapes into remarkable wines. The tantalizing aroma of ageing wines fills the air as visitors appreciate the craftsmanship and dedication that culminate in each bottle of wine.

The culmination of the exceptional experience of the vineyard tour takes place at the winery’s tasting area, where a carefully chosen array of Rico’s best wines is waiting.

Visitors enjoy a delightful wine-tasting session that complements their previous grape-stomping adventure. Tradition and sophistication are harmoniously blended when the wine tasting and rustic vine stomping are compared.


Thus, Rico Vine Park & Vineyards’ grape stomping activity redefines the winery experience. It is a unique and remarkable experience for wine enthusiasts and newcomers alike, combining the

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