Rico Winery Pvt. Ltd.
Meet the Winemaker: A Passion for Crafting Wines


Wine-making is an activity that is both distinct and multifaceted, with each winemaker’s approach influencing the natural process that requires minimal human intervention.

Rico Wine Park and Vineyards, tucked away in Bangalore‘s natural splendour, is a testament to the love and commitment of the winemakers who have made this area a wine lover’s paradise. Offering a captivating blend of nature and craftsmanship, Rico Wine Park has become a premier destination for those seeking a unique experience of wine tour in Bangalore.

The vineyards in Bangalore are known for their ability to produce exceptional grapes, and Rico Wines is no exception. The vineyards of Rico Wine Park offer visitors a glimpse into the art of wine-making, starting from the vine’s roots. As you step into this wine-making haven, you’re greeted by the lush green vineyards, the rich aroma of fermenting grapes and of course, the promise of an unparalleled wine-tasting experience.

Rico Wines master winemaker is the driving force behind each bottle’s distinctive character and quality. From the carefully curated selection of grape varieties to the meticulous fermentation process, every step is a testament to the winemaker’s dedication to the craft. The winemaker’s unwavering quest for excellence is what distinguishes Rico Wine Park. Only the best fruits are used in the wine-making process since each grape is hand-picked at the height of ripeness. The hands-on approach in the cellar showcases our expertise in achieving the delicate balance of flavours and aromas that define our wines.

The opportunity to engage directly with the winemakers at Rico Wine Park demonstrates the unique character and superior quality of products. The wine tour takes on a new dimension owing to their stories, findings, and unwavering love for what they do, an experience that transcends the normal vineyard tour. The wine tour provides immersive wine-tasting sessions, allowing guests to test their senses and explore the diverse flavours and aromas of the winery’s collection. Every flavour, from bold red Wines to refreshing white wines, conveys details about the region, weather, and skill of the dedicated winemakers who created the brand.

Thus, Rico Wine Park and Vineyards perfectly capture the essence of Bangalore wine-making. There’s a tangible joy for making wine in the atmosphere created by the combination of verdant vineyards, a contemporary winery, and enthusiastic winemakers. A trip to Rico Wines promises more than just a wine tour in Bangalore, it’s a voyage into the heart of wine-making, where each bottle honours the skill and hard work of those who make it all possible.

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