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History of grape stomping

The history of grape stomping is rich and amazing, like the wines made from the vineyards themselves. Grape stomping is a traditional process that dates back to the third century by gently pressing the seeds to obtain juice from fermented grapes and avoid bitterness. Ancient civilizations of Romans and Greeks used grape stomping for winemaking, a method that efficiently extracted juice and infused it with grape skin essence. In French, grape stomping is called “pigeage”, which means punching down. 


With evolving winemaking techniques, grape stomping remains a cherished tradition in many cultures. In addition to being an effective way of extracting juice, it was also a social activity frequently accompanied by music, dancing, and celebration, especially during harvest festivities. You can experience grape stomping on a wine tour at Rico Wine Park and VineyardsWhile grape stomping has been mostly superseded by mechanical presses for large-scale production in recent times, it is still a cherished tradition in smaller wineries and vineyards, providing guests with a unique and immersive experience. Visitors can engage with the ancient customs of winemaking by participating in grape stomping during vineyard tours.

Rico Wine Park and Vineyards in Bangalore offer guided vineyard tours, showcasing sprawling acres of vines with plump grapes ready for harvest. The wine tour highlights the exquisite care and attention that goes into making each vintage by providing insights into the cultivation process from vine to bottle. Amidst the serene surroundings, visitors experience a hands-on grape stomping experience, connecting them to ancient winemaking traditions and the land through the earthy aroma and sensation of crushing grapes.

Following the grape stomping experience, guests can partake in a wine-tasting session and try a range of wines made on-site at the winery. From sparkling white wines to full-bodied red wines, customers can explore the subtleties of each wine under the guidance of trained personnel, developing a deeper appreciation for the creativity and workmanship behind each bottle.


Ultimately, grape stomping is an ancient tradition that captures the spirit of vineyard culture and unites people to enjoy the abundance and beauty of the harvest season. It’s more than just a way to make wineVineyard tours in Bangalore remain a treasured experience, beckoning visitors to relish the rich history and aromas of the wines at Rico Wine Park and Vineyards. 

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