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In the heart of Bengaluru lies a treasure trove of vineyards where the essence of nature intertwines with the craftsmanship of winemaking. Welcome to the realm of Rico wines, where each bottle narrates a story of passion, tradition, and excellence. The quest for excellence is perpetual in the vast world of wine, where every sip paints a picture, and every bottle tells a story. Among myriad hues and flavours, red wine stands as a timeless embodiment of sophistication and allure. But what sets apart a truly exceptional red wine from the rest? Join us with Rico wines on a journey to explore the five key indicators that distinguish a superior red wine.

Terroir (territory)

At the heart of every great wine lies its terroir – the unique combination of the soil, climate and geography that shapes the grape’s character. Bathed in Bangalore’s gentle sun and surrounded by lush greenery, our vines flourish. Each parcel of land adds depth to our wines. With warm days and cool nights, the Bangalore climate nurtures our grapes to perfection, and our winemakers attend to the vines with care, crafting wines that embody the essence of our terroir. Each bottle of Rico wines is a testament to our vineyards‘ character and the passion we pour into every bottle. 

Grape quality 

Just as the chef relies on premium ingredients to create a culinary masterpiece, a winemaker depends on high quality to craft exceptional wine. As diverse as the landscape from which they spring, grape varieties play a pivotal role in shaping the character of the red wine.  From the robust Cabernet  Sauvignon to the Velvety Mariot, each grape variety brings its own set of flavours and aromas to the blend. A superior red wine is crafted from grapes of the highest quality, carefully selected and nurtured to perfection.

Winemaking technique 

Behind every bottle of superior red wine lies the skill and artistry of the winemaker. From fermentation to aging, every step in the winemaking process influences the wine’s aroma, flavour, and texture. Whether it’s the use of oak barrels for aging or the meticulous blending of different grape batches, each technique is carefully chosen to enhance the wine’s quality and balance. A masterful winemaker combines tradition with innovation, guiding the wine on its journey from the vine to the bottle with precision and expertise. 

Aging potential 

Like a fine work of art that grows more captivating with time, a superior red wine possesses the ability to age gradually, evolving and maturing with each passing year.  The tannins soften, the flavours deepen and the new layers of complexity emerge, transforming the wine into a sublime expression of its territory and craftsmanship. Whether enjoyed upon release or stored for decades, a truly exceptional red wine captivates the senses and rewards the discerning palate with an unforgettable tasting experience. 

Tasting  Experience 

A superior red wine is just not a beverage but a journey of the senses inviting exploration with every sip. Rico wines dedication to delivering an unparalleled tasting experience is evident from the moment the cork is popped. From the vibrant crimson hue to the intricate bouquet of aromas that dance upon the nose, each aspect of Rico wine’s red wines beckons the palate on a voyage of discovery, leaving a lasting impression long after the final drop is savoured. 


In the world of wine, excellence is not merely achieved; it is earned through a relentless pursuit of perfection. Rico wines has emerged as a beacon of distinction, through their vineyards in Bangalore and a steady commitment to quality. From territory to tasting, each bottle bears testament to the unwavering dedication which transcends from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  So, raise your glass and toast to the essence of the superiority encapsulated with each sip of Rico wines red wine.


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