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Rico Wines

Rico Wine Park & Vineyards is a haven for nature lovers and wine connoisseurs, tucked away in the charming countryside vineyards of Bangalore. A trip to these alluring vineyards ensures a day full of discovery, luxury, and life-changing encounters.

Vineyard tour & grape stomping

The adventure at Rico Wines starts with an enthralling vineyard tour, where guests are taken through verdant rows of grapevines and given information on the techniques and principles of winemaking. The sweet aroma of ripening grapes permeates the crisp, fresh air as visitors take in the grandeur of the vineyards as the sun sets over the expansive countryside in a golden glow and of course, indulge in the fantastic grape-stomping exercise. Next is the round-up to the winery facilities, where the magic of fermentation and barrel ageing is revealed, as part of our vineyard tour.

Wine making at the Winery and wine-tasting

Guests are welcome to partake in a pleasant wine-tasting experience after the vineyard tour. Wine lovers and newcomers alike are treated to a carefully chosen assortment of superb wines in the winery’s elegant setting, which includes the crisp, refreshing notes of white wine and the deep, strong tastes of red wine. Every sip provides a window into the skill and love that go into every bottle, from the powerful intensity of Cabernet Sauvignon to the delicate refinement of Chenin Blanc and other varieties like Shiraz wineSauvignon Blanc, and more depending on your love for the fine wines.

Dine & wine

Guests can relax and enjoy the tastes of the area with a leisurely dine and wine experience after their taste buds are tantalized with wine tasting of excellent wines. The on-site restaurant serves a delicious meal with locally sourced ingredients that are expertly paired with Rico’s well-known wines, all set against the backdrop of rolling hills and vine-covered slopes. Every food, from gourmet dinners inspired by local cuisine to handmade cheeses and charcuterie, is created to perfectly compliment the wide range of flavours of the wines, making for an incredibly unique wine-tasting and dining experience.

Visitors are welcome to savour the last bits of peace and beauty before saying goodbye to Rico Wine Park and Vineyards as the day comes to an end. A visit to this picturesque location promises to be a day full of exploration, relaxation, and the simple pleasures of living amidst nature’s wealth, whether you want to walk through the vineyards, enjoy grape stomping, and indulge in a wine tasting, or have a gourmet lunch matched with exquisite wines.

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