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RICO Wines

Vineyards of Exceptional Quality

We are in the business of creating great wines that bring great pleasure.

At Rico Vineyards, our focus on viticulture principles reflects our commitment to winemaking as an expression of terroir. Making fine wines is our ongoing aspiration and to that end we have assembled a talented team who share our passion.



To design and supply the best quality wines to benefit human health and to enhance the wellbeing of farmers in an economical and ecologically sustainable way.



To provide health and happiness filled with a bottle of alco_beverage as an alternate product to alco_beverage consumer.
From a dream to making it a reality, Dr. Basavaraj Girennavar, PhD, Rico Wines has come a long way. The journey has been one rollercoaster ride and today Rico Wines stands amidst the lush green vineyards that have been nurtured with utmost care. Coming from a horticulture background, Dr. Basavaraj worked his way up to get himself a PhD in Horticulture Science from Texas A&M University USA. Operating with its founder’s belief that “Wine is all Heart”, Rico has created wines that are at once sophisticated and accessible wines that appeal to the connoisseur without intimidating the novice.
Nestled at the Krishna Valley, Rico Wines is just 14 km outside the historic city of Vijayapur (Bijapur). After successfully establishing the winery, Dr. Basavaraj realized quality is achieved when every detail is perfected. He then started consulting Dr. Raghu Sawkar, owner of Work Vineyards, California USA, to make it all work seamlessly.
We, at Rico wines, are infused with a passion for viticulture; from its vineyards emerge specialized and stylized wines both in regular and vintage modes – fine wines that are crafted to demystify the wine-drinking experience.
With winery and operations spread over a 200-acre vineyard located in the outskirts of Bijapur, Rico Wines has a current capacity to produce 500,000 litres of wine.
Produced from premium quality French grapes grown in the apt climate of Krishna River Basin at Bagalkot and Bijapur districts, this marquee label heralds the arrival of an Indian wine that’s on par with legendary French and Italian wines. Rico is all about refined tastes and fine living. A party, a romantic evening, a celebration; whatever the occasion, Rico adds a touch of class and sophistication. It is nectar to the palate, euphoria to the senses and intrigue to the intellect, making life richer in every sense.


Our winemaking and viticulture teamwork flawlessly to ensure that all aspects of grape growing and harvesting are monitored under the best conditions, allowing the land to produce its best for generations to come.