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Rico Wines

Rico is the pioneer in producing wines from Indian herbs and spices with a focus on making wine consumption fun and healthy. We have made a place for ourselves in the market by producing easy-going wines focused around improving the health and happiness of our patron connoisseurs.
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Rico Wines

Wine is our passion and our aim is to produce the most truly magnificent Indian wines for the connoisseur in you. It’s about crafting easy-drinking wines for you to savor – wines that are divine and superior.

  • We offer a range of wines to feed the Indian pallets, including our premium wines with French grape varieties.
  • We produce premium wines with superior fine quality.
  • Rico is a pioneer in producing wines from Indian Herbs and Spices.

Rico Spin White Wine

These wines are made from French white grapes wine blend ,with rich taste and aroma. The perfect drink for the Indian climate, these wines hint of honey and good balanced acidity,golden color and smooth structure which attracts enthusiasts.

Best Served at 10˚ – 12˚C

Price: £0.00

Rico Strong White Port Wine

These wine made from French varietal white grapes wine blend ,This wine blend make Exclusively for the Indian wine lovers. These are young wines & gifts from our winery with a unique taste. It goes well with all spicy and fatty Indian dishes.

Best Served at 10° – 12°C

Price: £0.00