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Our wine making and viticulture teamwork flawlessly to ensure that all aspects of grape growing and harvesting are monitored under the best conditions, allowing the land to produce its best for generations to come.
Basavaraj Girennavar

Dr. Basavaraj Girennavar

CMD and Wine Designer

Dr. Basavaraj Girennavar is a first-generation, high impact entrepreneur with scientific understanding and enterprising ideas. He has more than a decade of experience in industry and research both in India and the USA. His passion is to bring sustainability to the field of food production while securing fragile ecology through scientific and innovative interventions. He is envisioned to create tools and technologies in redefining of “farming for food and fuel” to reduce human impact on geo-ecology and carbon footprints. He is the founder of Rico Winery Pvt. Ltd the Vineyards are located at Krishna Valley, Karnataka.
He got Bachelor’s in Agricultural Sciences from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Karnataka and Masters in Crop Sciences from Haryana Agricultural University. Then he was awarded Ph.D. in Horticultural Sciences from Texas A& M University, College Station, Texas, where the achievements of Dr. Norman Borlaug inspired him in the field of agriculture and the green revolution.
His passion for Wine and his deep interest in viticulture & sound knowledge of Indian winery business has led him to establish winery and vineyards in the year 2008. Being a Doctorate in Horticultural science, his zeal towards agriculture & farming has encouraged him to think over the establishment of the winery in the northern part of Karnataka to support local people, as most of the vineyards are present in the north part of Karnataka due to its best climatic conditions.
Dr. Basavaraj was blessed with the knowledge of Oenology, who has experimented & succeeded in designing wines from basic to premium with different fruits, spices and herbs. Today, Rico has evolved as a successful winery by developing the market.
He has been awarded several national and international awards. He serves in Vidhana Soudha as Executive Member on Karnataka State Horticulture Agency and Research Advisory Board for the University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot. He is a member of Tie and ABLE and actively engages and advises emerging entrepreneurs with unique ideas and perspectives.


Sangappa Girennavar

Vine Grower and Vice-Chairman

Sangappa Girennavar is an experienced vine grower, who is encouraging other farming communities on cultivating and supplying Grapes for winemaking. With his expertise and experience, he is managing entire Rico vineyard operations and guiding other Farmers / Viticulturist.


Vijay Abdar

Wine Maker

Vijay Abdar is a professional winemaker with an experience of 9 years. He has worked with Ritza Wine Pvt.Ltd and Vijayadurga Amla Winery Pvt. Ltd. Since 2017 he is serving Rico Winery Pvt.Ltd as Wine Maker with his expertise, he has produced various wines that have gained customer’s attention with better taste and quality.


Gajendra Kadam

Manager Accounts and Operations

Gajendra Kadam is an experienced manager who worked previously at Channabasappa D Mudalgi Co. (C.A.). At present, he is handling various operations of Rico winery such as Production, carrying out excise and Licencing tasks and along with this, he is handling operations as per the KSBCL regulations. He is passionate about achieving operational excellence at Rico.

N S pattar_1

N. S. Pattar

General Manager (Marketing)

N S Pattar, a passionate Marketing professional, comes with a rich experience of over 32 years., he has worked with Shaw Wallace Distilleries Ltd. and SWDL in U.B. Group.

At present, he is working as General Manager (Marketing) at Rico Winery Pvt. Ltd. His key focus area would be to make Rico’s marketing ecosystem robust and to make the team future-ready.

R. Gulab Singh

R. Gulab Singh

General Manager (Marketing-South Karnataka)

R. Gulab Singh is a passionate Marketing professional, comes with a rich experience of over 32 years in Sales and Marketing of Liquor Industry., he has worked with The Ugar Sugar Works Ltd. Radico Khaitan Ltd, Varion Distilleries Ltd and Soereign Distilleries Ltd.
At present, he is working as General Manager (Marketing) at Rico Winery Pvt. Ltd. His contribution would be strengthening the Rico Marketing ecosystem with more sales with an increased number of satisfied customers.


Ravi Khanapur


Ravi Khanapur, an enthusiastic public leader with a qualification of B.A.LLB.LLM being Advocate by profession at Vijayapur District Court as an advocate (MVC, LAC and Criminal) Since 2008.
At present, he is working as Public Relations Manager at Rico Winery since 2019.


Shridhar Girennavar

Executive (Vineyards)

Shridhar Girennavar, an enthusiastic young guy with a qualification of M.A. in Economics, has got into Rico Winery Pvt.Ltd as an executive to support the farming community with better information on managing the vineyards and supplying them for wine production. He is also associated with FPO to bring large scale viticulture in Krishna Valley consisting of Bagalkot, Vijayapur and Belgaum.